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Chitwan Nepal - Ride an elephant

Chitwan Elephants and Rhinos

Chitwan National Park

Route: Chitwan National Park - Kathmandu

The Royal Chitwan National Park, located in the subtropical lowlands of Nepal, is home to spectacular wildlife and scenery. On your Chitwan Nepal elephant safari there's a very good chance of spotting the one-horned rhino and, with a little luck, you'll see leopards, tigers and elephants too. You're sure to come across a couple of deer and antelopes and look out for the crocodiles that glide through the Rapti river or sun themselves on the banks. It's a little-known fact that this river is also home to the very rare fresh-water Gangetic dolphins (which can also be seen in Varanasi) and occasionally you can see them breaching the water. On this Chitwan Nepal trip, you'll stay in cosy bungalows on the edge of the park and travel around on elephants, by canoe or on foot. Need some advice or inspiration? Have a chat with one of our India travel specialists on 01273 322044.

Please note: The activities included in this Chitwan Nepal tour may take place in a slightly different order, depending on the weather and your arrival time at the safari lodge. The lodge is a community project, so some timings are dependent on the day-to-day plans of the villagers.

Duration 3 days / 2 nights
Departs daily


River bank lodge bungalows in the jungle (see accommodation)


£198 per person - based on 2 people sharing


2 nights including breakfast, admission fees and safaris


Elephant and canoe


Transport to and from Chitwan (just ask one of our specialists about transport and we'll include it in your Travel Plan).

Day 1- Arrival in Chitwan National Park

On Day One of the Chitwan Nepal tour, you'll get up early to reach the park from Kathmandu. You can either take the comfortable, tourist class, Green Line Bus or, if you would prefer, we can arrange private transfers. When you arrive, you'll be given a short briefing about wildlife and safety in the park and you can freshen up in your bungalow and grab some lunch.

In the afternoon, you'll have your first encounter with the Chitwan elephants and rhinos on your safari. Perched high on the back of your Chitwan elephant, you'll be safely out of reach of anything lurking in the tall grass. The elephant seats four people so you'll be sharing with others! It is very likely that you'll spot rhino from the top of your elephant, and often they actually come quite close as they don't feel threatened by the presence of the elephants. If your elephant does spot a rhino, he might sound the alarm with an almighty growl, just to let the rhino know who's boss... If you're lucky on your Chitwan Nepal trip, you'll also spot rhino on foot with your guide on your Chitwan walking safari tomorrow morning.

Chitwan Nepal - On the lookout for rhinos
Chitwan Nepal - A friendly guide

Day 2 - Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is at it's most beautiful at dawn. The early morning light sweeping across the plains creates a magical atmosphere, particularly over the river. Today you will enjoy a different kind of Chitwan safari experience; a canoe trip and a guided walk through the jungle! In the morning you and your guide will take a wooden canoe down the Rapti river and you may see crocodiles sunning themselves on the shore as the sun rises. After about half an hour on the water, you'll get back on dry land and start your jungle walk. You will hike along narrow paths through the forests and plains where the high grass seems almost impenetrable.

It's exciting (and a little scary) knowing that there may be rhinos, leopards and tigers nearby, but luckily the experienced Chitwan Nepal safari guides know what they're doing. If a rhino gets too close, you must follow the instructions of your guide, because they have very poor eyesight, they tend to storm into any noise or smell they're not familiar with so do listen very closely to the guide on your Chitwan Nepal tour.

Day 3 - On to Kathmandu

Travel time: approx 5 hours by car

On Day Three of your Chitwan Nepal trip, you'll go on another jungle walk or crocodile walk, depending on what you did yesterday. After that you'll begin the journey back to Kathmandu or you can extend your stay in Chitwan in our Chitwan jungle lodge if your prefer.

If you fancy going on a trek during your time in Nepal, take a look at our Trekking across the Edge of the Valley module. During this you'll cross the spectacular Kathmandu valley on foot. You’ll get a good impression of Nepali history, culture and religion as you make your way through stunning valleys and between towering peaks.

Chitwan Nepal - Children of Chitwan

A peek at your accommodation (click to enlarge)

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