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We have moved!

India Travel Plan has a new home. We have combined all of our existing travel plan destinations on to our brand new mobile friendly Rickshaw Travel Website.

Why did we do this? To make it easier to find an independent, meaningful holiday experience that is right for you. And if you're feeling brave why not visit more than one country in your trip! 

See you there! The Rickshaw team.

India Customer Feedback Form received

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill in our feedback form. It helps us to improve our service in the future.

If you have kept a holiday diary of your India trip, and you'd like to share it with others, we would love to receive a copy. You can send it to us at We're building a customers testamonial noticeboard, which will show blogs and photos of peoples trips with us, which we also feel would be helpful to read when initially planning your trip.

India Travel Plan is part of Rickshaw Travel who offer similar travel experiences in many different countries. We already have several sister sites up and running, with further ones in development. Our range of travel destinations is continuously growing. At the moment we offer pre-arranged independent travel options in the following destinations:

Thailand Travel Plan
Vietnam Travel Plan
Laos Travel Plan
China Travel Plan
Nepal Travel Plan
Cambodia Travel Plan
Indonesia Travel Plan
Malaysia Travel Plan
Bhutan Travel Plan
Latin America:
Peru Travel Plan 
Argentina & Chile Travel Plan
Brazil Travel Plan
Cuba Travel Plan
Costa Rica Travel Plan

Morocco Travel Plan
South Africa Travel Plan


We hope you will join us on one of our trips soon.

Kind Regards,

The India Travel Plan team

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